Digital Planning and Templating Solutions for


"...helps me see patients quicker and more efficiently."
  • Easy sizing and selection of prosthesis templates
  • On screen leg length correction
  • On screen fracture reduction and plate bending
  • Measuring tools and wizards facilitate planning
  • Plans readily accessed on the hospital network
  • The templating session stored in PACS

Access your digital images and pre-operative plans when and where you choose.

A tailored solution for your unique workflow.

  • See images for positioning of Calibration Markers
  • Download Radiographic Technique Presentation
  • Review or download the Scaling Article and Fact Sheet
  • Access a link to Marker manufacturers

    Digital Pre-operative Planning & Templating for Orthopaedic Surgeons

    Digital Pre-operative Planning & Templating for Orthopaedic Surgeons

    What Is OrthoView?

    Orthopaedic surgeons need OrthoView for creating detailed pre-operative plans quickly and easily from digital x-ray images. OrthoView facilitates digital planning and templating for joint arthroplasty and revisions, trauma, limb deformity correction, osteotomy and spinal assessment and is chosen by hospitals worldwide to complete their target of film-free radiology.

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